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BJRY LocomotiveSwitching

Burlington Junction Railway (BJRY), is a short line freight railroad that operates industrial switching rail lines in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. BJRY provides on-demand switching services to customers ranging from small family businesses to large global corporations. From single rail car to unit train rail car quantities, our dedicated, locally based crews are responsive and flexible to fulfill our customers' needs.
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BJRY TransloadingTransloading

Burlington Junction Railway also provides transloading services at many of our locations of operations. Transloading is a flexible way to gain the efficiencies of shipping by rail without direct rail access. Whether you need someone to do the transloading or just need a site to do the transfer yourself, we can help you with your rail oppurtunities.
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BJRY Locomotive Services TruckLocomotive Servicing

Burlington Junction Railway offers full service locomotive repair and maintenance services either on-site or in our shop. We can supply the parts and expertise to keep your locomotive equipment running and looking its best.
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