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BJRY LocomotivesBurlington Junction Railway (BJRY) is a Class III shortline railroad which operates industrial switching rail lines in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. BJRY is the first mile or last mile of the rail shipment for our customers. Our customers range from family farmers to global corporations such as ADM and Cargill, and we handle a variety of products including paper rolls, lumber, grain, automobiles, food products, machinery, and military equipment. Map of our Locations
Locomotive RepairBurlington Junction Railway offers full service locomotive repair and maintence services either on-site or in our shop. We can supply the parts and expertise to keep your locomotive equipment running and looking its best. Locomotive Repair Services
Transload ServicesBJRY also offers transloading services at many of our locations. Whether you need someone to do the transloading or just need a site to do the transfer yourself, we can help you with your rail oppurtunities. Transload Information

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